Monday, September 24, 2007


This past weekend Kreg and I took a little mini-vacation up to Chicago. It was about a 4 hour drive to his brother Kent's house. We picked up his brother Kristopher on the way up so Kristopher and his fiancee could get their marriage license on Friday (Kristopher and Monica are getting married November 17th in Chicago). Aiden enjoyed Chicago and seeing his Uncles but he did not enjoy the car ride! I don't know why but he does not like being in that car seat for very long. And for some reason he was awake all the way up there! The poor guy just wouldn't give in and sleep. We even left Thursday evening because we thought maybe then Aiden would sleep when it got close to bedtime....but no he showed us up and kept those eye lids open.

On Friday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The coolest part for me was the exhibit showing the progression of a fetus in the womb. They actually have real fetus' in glass cases on display. It was sad to see these babies that didn't make it into the world but absolutely amazing to see up close the different stages of development. Kreg enjoyed the farming exhibit. And we both liked the "skiing" similators. Kreg also got to try one of those electronic stand up scooter thingy's (see picture) idea what their real name is. We see the security guards at the malls on them all the time now.

On Saturday I got to go to IKEA!! wooohoooooo. It was a fantastic morning wandering through the store. We had two "big" bibes that have sleeves and a cookie jar. Saturday afternoon we watched Kent play softball downtown and then we headed home so we could be back for church on Sunday. It was a nice couple days away. And in less than two weeks we are headed to Florida for a week! I'm so excited!!

Aiden hangin out with the clowns at the Museum

Aiden saw half of the exhibits with his eyes closed.

Kreg hittin the slopes

I'm right behind him

Kreg on the stand up scooter "thingy"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice Labor Day weekend down in Nashville, IN with Kreg's family and family friends. We didn't do a whole lot. We went hiking a few times but mostly just layed around and chatted. It felt very strange to be lazy because there is absolutely nothing lazy about motherhood. As soon as I get Aiden down for a nap its off to the races to see how much I can get done before he wakes up. However down there I would put Aiden to bed and then sit...which was a very strange feeling.
There were 3 babies this weekend. They were all between the ages of 6 months and 13 months. As you can imagine all on very different schedules but they all did well. Aiden slept in our room with us and there was only one night that he decided to wake up at 4 am and throw himself a little party. He talked to himself and scratched the sides of his pack n play and talked some more. I think he was awake about 45 minutes. Never fussed...just had a little party. Mommy was invited but daddy never heard him (go figure) so I guess daddy wasn't invited to this party.

Aiden got to swim with his cousin Jack once again. But this pool was very different than Grandma Hansen's pool and colder too! Jack loves to splash but as you can see in the pics Aiden of course took it like a man.

Kreg enjoyed trying out our hiking pack and Aiden enjoyed riding in it. I kept trying to straighten Aiden's hat while we were hiking but every time I did Aiden would turn it back sideways......I guess he wanted to be like we let him.

The big news since being home from our trip is that Aiden is now eating Cheerios!! woooohoooo. He loved those gerber puffs but I have been buying them like they are going out of style because he eats so many. But I think the budget is going to be happier with Cheerios.