Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Improvements!

I love home improving! At the end of June we will celebrate 1 year in this home. I have really enjoyed making this house into a home. While I dream of one day building a new house (that needs no home improving) there is something to be said for the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that goes along with home improvement projects. (It's almost addicting.) We started on day 1 by tearing one of the kitchen walls down and we've continued to slowly make changes. (inside and out) I'm only about 5 weeks late but as promised here are a few pics of our new swing set. It is yet to be totally finished but it has swings and a slide and well that's pretty much all that matters to the kiddo's.

My dad was a trooper that day. After working all morning on his own yard, he came up and worked all afternoon with Kreg. Thanks dad!

The next addition is that of the kids quilts! Check it out:

I'm so happy with the way they turned out. My next project will be putting decals of their names over their beds.
Another addition is that of our messaging center in our kitchen (complete with a decal of Prov. 3:5-6 I did on my cricut). This is a vision I was very excited to see come to fruition. Makes me feel so organized!

And our latest addition is that of a new oven! My wonderful husband found a fantastic new oven on craigs list for me. He was happy because we got a steal of a deal and I was more than happy because I now have an oven that no longer burns everything!! I can bake cookies again and they turn out golden instead of charcoal flavored! I guess Kreg must have gotten tired of eating my charcoal meals. : ) yay! Its got more bells and whistles then I dreamed of having and even does convection cooking (speed baking). I tried it when I baked cookies last week and loved it!

ps...Easter pics to come soon...