Monday, October 18, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

My little farmer turned cowboy on us a week ago. A while back Aiden took an interest in horses. He has a few plastic horses he plays with quite often. So one day I told him that his Aunt Becky has a horse and well that started the weekly asking..."Mommy, can we ride Aunt Becky's horse this week." Every week up until last week was "No, not this week but we'll ask Aunt Becky and go soon." Well last week we finally took Aiden for a ride on Aunt Becky's horse. First things first though he wanted to feed the horses a carrot. I'm not really sure where he got that idea from but no harm done...sounded like a good idea to me. He tried hard but only 1 of the horses was interested in his carrots.

When it was time for the big ride Aiden had been waiting so long for he got a bit timid on us and decided to sacrifice his sister instead..."Makayla goes first!" Makayla wasn't so sure about that until daddy got on.

Aiden finally got on though and once he did he LOVED IT! We couldn't get him off the horse. Aunt Becky's friend Dan was kind enough to ride with Aiden until he was comfortable and then walked the horse all over, while Aiden rode all by himself! I loved watching him go from a bit scared and timid to quite relaxed. We even put Makayla on the horse with Aiden towards the end while Kreg walked next to them. It was a fun little family outing. And my little cowboy is already asking when we are going to go do it again!