Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where Have We Been

Well the past month has definitely been a busy one. Planting season started this year on April 13th and all the crops were in by May 10th!! I believe it was a record year, as far as how early the crops all got in the ground. We had some crazy 80 degree weather the beginning to middle of April and that really helped us get off to a good start. And with a couple good weeks of rain the crops are growing and Kreg is already out spraying the first rounds. So between April 13th and May 10th I was busy getting lunch and dinner to my husband in the fields 6 days a week.

We have also put our house up for sale so the past weeks have been full of cleaning, organizing, sorting, pitching, and cleaning some more! This past week I cleaned for 3 showings! And let me tell ya with a 3 1/2 year old and a 16 month old that took a lot of time and energy! We shall soon see if anything will come of all my hard work. We don't HAVE to move but we would like to live closer to the farm. Life would be much easier on me!

Makayla has been getting her 1 year molars so thats been quite fun as well. The 2nd one is almost through....sheeweee...and let me tell ya I will be very glad when this stage of teething is done! Teething is really hard on her. When Aiden was teething I hardly knew it but with her its been so much different.

On May 8th I ran the Indianapolis half-marathon! For all that nice weather we had in April it sure wasn't nice that day...freezing cold and windy but I felt great and can't wait to do it again next year!! My mom and dad came downtown to watch me finish the race and brought the kids so they could see mommy. See Exhibit A, I was just about to cross the finish line!
Exhibit A

The kids and I have been spending a lot of time outside too, since it has suddenly turned summer with temps of almost 90 degrees! Aiden figured out how to ride his bike (with training wheels of course) so we've been making lots of rounds through the neighborhood. I'm really proud of him. See Exhibit B
Exhibit B

We've also been trying to stay cool in whatever water we can find. Be it the baby pool in the front yard (Exhibits c & d) or Mamaw's pool down in Indy (Exhibits e & f)
Exhibit c

Exhibit d

Exhibit e

Exhibit f

On top of all that I've been trying to make Makayla's baby book scrapbook. Its coming along nicely but taking up most of my "free time." (thus my lack of blogging)
And just for kicks I will end this post with Exhibits G & H. These are pics of Aiden after a long fun day at Gran and Poppie's house with so much to do (like clean their pool, play outside, help Poppie on the fork lift, help Gran make dinner, etc...) that there was no time for a nap. Aiden told me this week and I quote, "Mommy, I'm a great help." Right you are Mr. Aiden! Thus I give you Exhibit G & H: Aiden asleep on the family room floor at 7:30pm. Makayla was evening hitting him on the head. We could not get him to wake up. I think when I snapped the 2nd pic he was even snoring.
Exhibit G

Exhibit H

And I think thats pretty much what we've been up to.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

15 months!

Sweet baby girl is now 15 months old and sooooooooo BIG (yet so little). Miss thing loves her baby dolls, loves bugging her brother, and really loves playing outside. And as you can tell from the pics below this girl LOVES her sippy cup. She is almost never without milk. Its her favorite word and already at only 15 months she says "I want milk" quite clearly. I don't know if its because she is a girl or the 2nd child but she is talking so much quicker than Mr. A ever did. And she seems to understand most things that I say and responds with either "yah" "no" or "ok." It's hilarious! She is such a sweetie.

This is Makayla "cheesin it" for the camera. hmmmmmm...we may have to work on this one.