Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morning cartoons

I walked by this morning during Curious George and just had to take a picture...couldn't believe they were both snuggled up in the corner of the couch together.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well we sure are in the swing of things now. It may feel like summer outside still but to us its already fall. Harvest came early this year. Last year we weren't even started yet and this year we will hit the half way done mark this week! Its crazy how each year can be so different. The kids are absolutely LOVING it, especially Aiden, as always. He gets to ride in the combine, semi, or tractor almost daily and typically for hours on end! And if he's not out farming somewhere then he's here at home farming one of our rugs! I give you exhibit A:

I am not exaggerating at all when I say he will "play" harvest for hours on end. He cannot seem to get enough combining!

Makayla has definitely learned what a combine is and often repeats "I wanna ride combine. I wanna ride combine," when big brother gets to go ride and she has to stay with mommy. She got to ride once but she's too little to ride without Kreg or I so the rides are fewer. If there were such a thing as a "farm princess" then I think she'd be considered as such. I give you Exhibit B:

Today they are actually harvesting the field that Kreg and I own. We have been anticipating this for months now! This time of year is extremely exhausting for the guys (Kreg has been pulling 15 to 18 hour days the last few weeks) and its tiring for me to not have Kreg home much but it is also exciting and we love it. God is so good to give us a crop to harvest each year. I love that we are in a profession in which the LORD God Almighty is in charge of the whole thing!! Here are a few pics from our corn field:

Needless to say Aiden was not excited to have his picture taken. These days I'm pretty much happy if they will both just look at the camera!

And I know I still haven't posted a pic of our new home. Some day that will happen but today I give you the view from my front porch (in sepia...i thought it looked cool)

I love my view!!! This is also the view I have from my kitchen window. So so glad that God saw fit to move us closer to the farm!