Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 months old!

Sweet baby Makayla is 4 months old today!

Thanks for the picture Uncle Kent!

We have been crazy busy lately, thus the lack of posts. Sorry about that. Kreg has been in the fields solid since the beginning of last week. Some nights they have even worked around the clock. They've been rushed to get the crops in the ground because of all the rain. So I have been in single parent mode most days and that is tough! Shheeeweeeee....I am soooo thankful for the great daddy my husband is and we sure miss him when he has to work so much! Things go so much smoother when the presence of daddy is around. But we're making it and I am happy to report the corn is in the ground! On to beans now.

I have more pictures to post later. Some of the things we have been up to: Kyle's high school graduation and open house (Kreg's youngest brother), spending some great time with Kreg's family that were in town for the graduation, taking Aiden for tractor rides, taking lunch and dinner to Kreg, play dates at the park, walks, jogs, and playing in the sandbox.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Precious Moments

I'm thinking maybe I should start a "precious moments" series since I witness quite a few of them around here. So I shall give you two today to "aawwww" over.

Precious Moment #1: I took the kids for a jog yesterday after their naps. I love my double jogging stroller. It is most definitely quite the workout. Anywho...about 5 minutes into our run I look through the parent peek window of the canopy and I see Aiden reach over to hold Makayla's hand. (aaawwwww) It was so sweet. I have no idea what prompted him to do this but he held her hand and played with her little fingers for probably a good 10 minutes. Such a sweet big brother.

Precious Moment #2: Aiden loves to copy whatever Kreg and I do. Most of the time its very cute. Well prior to my "real" jog with the kids Aiden decided he wanted to run with mommy. (This is the 2nd time he has done this). So I pushed the stroller and let him run beside me to begin with. With his little 2 year old legs I have to sort of jog in place to let him keep up with me. And the poor guy works sooooo hard to keep up with mommy. It's so cute. He gets his little arms pumping and his head down and his legs movin as fast as they can go. After a few minutes he was huffing and puffing and I asked him if he was ready to get in the stroller. He said, "No (huff and puff), I run (huff and puff) with mommy (huff and puff) and off he went arms pumping, head down, and legs movin for probably close to 1/2 a mile. I know pretty good for such a little guy. I think one day I will be attending his cross country meets. I told that to Kreg and he said no I will be attending his football games...oh it is then.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Utterly Amazed!

Yes I am utterly amazed. I am speechless really (except for the words I shall type now). It is 5pm and both of my children are still asleep! Wow! Yes you read that correctly. They both (both at the same time mind you...a feat in and of itself) went to bed at 2 and they are still asleep. 3 hours! 3 HOURS! Wow! This has never happened before. To have 3 whole hours all to myself while both children are in my care. I have a quiche in the oven. Laundry done. Kitchen cleaned up (from said quiche). E-mails read and some even replied to. Phone calls made. The budget updated. And a smile on my face. Wow! (I even wandered around the house a bit not sure what to do with myself)

I was starting to get worried because this never happens. So I went in a few minutes ago to make sure they are still breathing....and yes they are still breathing. They both look rather cute sleeping too...I might add.

So my I wake them up? Makayla should have nursed over an hour ago. And Kreg is working late and I would really like Aiden to go to bed at 8pm with no problems. I am wondering if this big nap will mess him up. And yet these words ring in my head "never wake a sleeping baby" (or toddler for that matter). So I guess I shall wait... just a few more minutes! Oh happy day!!

(I'm probably in for short naps the rest of the week) :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cute boy, Cute girl

One cute boy...

+ one cute girl...

= one cute family...

Yes I am biased, but who isn't?