Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Parties!

January was certainly a busy one this year...as I am sure it will be for many years to come. We celebrated Aiden's 5th birthday and Makayla's 3rd! Aiden requested a Mickey Mouse party and Makayla was all about Dora the Explorer this year. It was fun but low key since I still was still feeling the remnants of first trimester ickyness. (side note: feeling much better now! officially 18 weeks and excited to announce we are having a boy!)
Aiden is such a blessing to us. He has the sweetest heart and we are truly enjoying watching him grow in his knowledge of the Lord. He loves people and LOVES it when anyone will play with him, especially if it involves wrestling, racing, or tag. Although his latest craze has been card games, in particular war or go fish. He is the first one in the door at preschool and is starting to get pretty excited about kindergarten next year! He is such a sweet buddy!
Aiden was so thankful to have his cousins at the party!

My big 5 year old! So hard to believe. I just love that smile!

And of course my sweet princess! Makayla is such a fun little girl. She loves to play princess, loves to be a mommy to her baby dolls (she can hardly wait for the baby in mommy's tummy to get here!), loves to paint,draw, or "write". She has the most amazing facial expressions and can charm a room full of people in a matter of seconds. She is all girl and we love that about her. Her prayers are so precious and it's wonderful to watch her grow and learn.
My big 3 year old!

I just love my cute munchkins! And I can't wait to meet munchkin #3!