Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Need Your Help!!!

Ok I need everyone's help. Even if you live out of town, I need your help. I entered Aiden in a baby contest here in town with the local country radio station. Its a baby idol contest so people vote for the cutest baby. And of course I think Aiden should win! The winner of the competetion gets a brand new designer baby nursery! So please please please help me by voting!! I would love that new nursery for our new baby. We have been using my baby furniture (26 yrs old now) for Aiden which has worked great for us but it would sure be fun to have a new nursery.

So here's how to vote. Go to and click on baby idol. (its really quite self explanatory). Aiden's picture is the big one off to the side of the page of pictures. He is in his diaper on our bed. To vote you have to type in his number which is 1003. And it says to enter your cell phone but if you don't want to get a text message just enter your home phone number.

And the best part is YOU CAN VOTE EVERYDAY, ONCE A DAY until August 8th! So please please please help me by voting all you can for my cute little guy. And I would love to hear from you if you've decided to help us...its fun to know who is voting.

And as far as I know it doesn't matter where you live...I think anyone can vote. Thank you in advance!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This and That

Well I apologize that its been a while but things have been a bit busy around here the past week or so and its been nice. I'll see if I can do some recapping for you.
For starters I never officially welcome home Ms. Heather Dunbar (my amazingly wonderful college roommate) on here. Aiden and I had the privilege of welcoming her home a few weeks ago.

It is so nice to have Heather home and I can't wait for her to come visit me week after next! I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of that week.
That same weekend my nephew Luke turned 1! Happy Birthday Luke! He's such a cutie. I loved watching him tear open his birthday presents.

This one was his favorite because it had cars and trucks on the wrapping paper.
Then we had my birthday (June 25th!) and I had a great evening out with Kreg and a great weekend down in Indy celebrating. I am not currently posting pictures because I seem to have misplaced them in the wrong file so I'll work on that. But Kreg got me a beautiful necklace that I just love and was not expecting at all! Kreg's parents got me some sweet colts gear that i will probably have to wait to fit into until next year. And my parents really surprised me also with a new kitchen sink and faucet. Does it mean I'm getting old when I get excited about new sinks and faucets?
And this last weekend was filled with family and fun as we celebrated the 4th and also Kreg's birthday. His birthday was officially yesterday but I had a party for him Sunday evening. He got an old fashion ice cream maker which he has been wanting for quite some time. So we got to make ice cream Sunday night and it was actually very delicious. We are thinking this is going to be a birthday tradition for our home. The following is an action shot of Kreg, Aiden, and Kreg's dad Tim working on the ice cream.

Aiden loves to be the big helper. He was putting the ice cubes in for them.
And while Aiden was hard at work, Luke was relaxing in the hammock with his daddy (my brother Mark).

And one last picture for this post that is completely random but I had to share is of Aiden sitting in the refrigerator. I know its strange and I have no idea how it started but he LOVES to sit in the refrigerator. I think its safe to say its his favorite place to take a moment and relax. And he doesn't care who's refrigerator it is so if you invite us over, I'm sorry but my son will probably sit in your refrigerator.