Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

There is nothing like good cheap entertainment. On Monday the kids each wanted to play in the toy bins. They kept wanting to sit in them so I put the bins up on the couch, stuck them each in a bin with their blankey's, turned Thomas the Train on, and got a few things done around the house. It kept them entertained long enough to get a few items crossed off my "to do" list and it was also picture worthy.

Another day I let them go play outside. It took a little longer to get ready than it does in the summer but definitely worth it to see Makayla waddle around in a big snow suit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where to begin....

I'm overwhelmed...I don't know where to begin to fill you all in on our life. I've come to the conclusion that we have reached the point in life in which it is not going to slow down. People tell me there will be seasons where life slows down but I'm beginning to think not...not with little ones growing up quickly. This should be the slow time in life right....when I'm home all day...when the kids aren't in school yet so we shouldn't be too busy...Yeah Right...uh huh...I'll believe it when it happens.

So what have we been so busy with? Well since its the holidays there has been extra time with family and of course a fun Thanksgiving. There has been lots of extra shopping since Christmas is just around the corner and then both the kiddos have their birhtdays in January. Note to reader: I am by no means complaining about the shopping part here...just sayin thats all...If you know me then you know shopping is one of my specialties. We also remodeled our kitchen once harvest ended. It looks fabulous and I LOVE IT! I know have soooooo much more countertop space, new countertops, more cabinets/new cabinets!! And once again I must say thank you dad and Mark for helping make it all happen!
We are also very involved in our church. This year we started working with the senior high youthgroup. Its been a good thing but has definitely added to the busyness of life. I also teach a ladies Bible Study on Tuesdays. I have a love for deep Bible study and am so glad the Lord has given me this opportunity but let me tell ya....ITS TIME CONSUMING. Although I must say when you are willing to use your gift and willing to minister it does seem that God stretches my time and energy in ways I cannot explain. This year I'm leading a group of ladies through the book of Genesis...amazing study! And I am really blessed with a wonderful group of ladies that definitely put effort into their studying and come with very challenging questions. They keep me on my toes!
And then of course their's the kiddo's, housework, a husband who still works 10+hour days even though harvest is over, bills to pay, breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make everyday, a farm to discuss, a workout to fit in, and hopefully a shower to take,etc etc etc...To be honest I've been really struggling to fit bloggin into the schedule. Any of you regular bloggers have any suggestions??
So now that I've laid all my excuses out on the table for why I haven't blogged in like 10 years, I'll share a hodge podge of pictures:
The kids sitting at our new bar in the kitchen!

A few snapshots of our Thanksgiving down at my mom's house. the kids had a great time with their cousins.

A before and after of our newly remodeled kitchen. The red wall was made into a half wall back in July when we moved in. Then we waited til after harvest to do the rest. The kitchen is now open to the rest of the house.

And a few pics we took last night when the kids decided they wanted to "say cheese" before going to bed. Pretty sure they were just stalling but I didn't mind since they were willing to smile. You can see our lovely Christmas tree in the background.