Saturday, February 28, 2009

1 month old!

Happy 1 month birthday Makayla RuthAnn!

Friday, February 27, 2009


So this morning after I fed Makayla she greeted me with her first smiles!! I have been waiting and waiting for this. They are few and far between right now but I know this means there are lots more smiles on the way!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So many reasons...

why I can't wait for spring:

1. I am getting really tired of cold weather. Its always fun at first to pull out the sweaters and get all cozy inside the house but I'm ready to put the sweaters away again. Come on warm weather!
2. It is time for cold and flu season to be over! We have been attacked yet again by another cold virus. And poor little baby girl has the sniffles too! It's so sad to see my 4 week old baby sniffling and coughing. The poor thing hates it when I suck the snot out of her nose but she feels better once we get it out. Makayla can thank her big brother for this little cold.
3. I can hardly wait til we can play outside again. Aiden LOVES to play outside. And he will love it even more this year because we have a sandbox (thank you Sidels!) and he should be big enough to ride his big wheel this year.
4. The arrival of spring also means I can take the kids out in my double jogging stroller (that I don't have yet but will be getting soon). We live in a great neighborhood for going for walks or jogs.
5. Spring means planting season. And planting season means Aiden gets to ride on tractors with Kreg. And anyone that knows Aiden knows how much he loves to ride on tractors! He will be one happy little guy. I love that Aiden can go ride but the down side is it will be a long few weeks while Kreg is working late most nights.
6. The arrival of spring also means baby girl should be sleeping through the night by then! I like the sound of that. She really is doing very well. And in fact gave me quite a long stretch of sleep last night but all night/every night is sounding better and better! :)
7. We will be able to go to the park again. The park has a great playground Aiden loves to play on. And every Tuesday the Book Mobile shows up at the park and the kids get to do a free craft. I'm thinking Aiden will enjoy it a lot more this year.
8. By mid Spring mom and dad will have their pool open! wooohoooo. I can't wait to take the kids swimming.
9. Spring means we will be able to work on the landscaping around our house. We moved into this house a year ago and we didn't change any of the landscaping last year becuase we were more worried about the landscaping for our home in Indy that we were trying to sell. But this year we are going to spruce things up around here and I'm excited about it!
10. And by Spring much more of my wardrobe should fit. I started working out again yesterday. It felt great. And I'm sore today. I may be a strange cookie for saying this, but I love to be sore. I guess it makes me feel like I worked hard. I do something called crossfit for my workouts. They are fast and very effective (and hard but worth it). Its aerobic/srength training in one. If you are ever curious about my workouts just let me know. Exercise is something I have a passion for (I know very strange but its true).

I think I could list more reasons but I started this blog post around 8:30am this morning and I just now finished it (2:30pm), if that is any indication as to what my days are like now (busy....very busy). So I don't think I have time to write anymore. If its not one kid then its the other. I am loving being a mommy of 2 but some days are definitley tiring. And we DEFINITELY don't have anymore boring days. Yes I will admit when it was just Aiden and I home all day there were times we didn't have much to do. I would say gone are the days of having nothing to do.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"mommy pray"

You know you are doing something right with this parenting stuff when your two year old is the one that reminds you to pray. Yesterday when I was putting Aiden down for his nap he layed down like the good boy he normally is and was quietly saying something. I said "what's that Aiden?" And he smiled at me and said "mommy pray." I normally pray with him before he goes to bed at night (sometimes he reminds me then too) but I don't normally pray with him before his nap. But to be honest yesterday I was feeling a bit anxious over some things and what a great way for God to remind me to speaking to me through my two year old. You just gotta love it! Thank you for the reminder Aiden!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Weekend

This past weekend started early for me when my sister-in-law, Mindy, my nephew Luke, and my good friend Cari came to visit! Aiden and Luke have a blast playing together. I love to watch them play. And Makayla enjoyed snuggling for the first time with her Aunt Mindy and hanging out again with her "Aunt" Cari. I love it when people come to visit us on Friday's because then it seriously feels like my weekend starts Thursday night. Fantastic!
Cari and Makayla chillin together with some sweet sunglasses:

Cousin Luke and Aiden proudly holding Makayla. And believe it or not I think everyone was actually smiling in this picture.

Then yesterday we tried to do a little photo shoot with the kids. We are still working on a family picture of the four of us. Maybe next weekend. But I think Kreg took some really cute ones of Aiden and Makayla!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Makayla wore her first pair of BabyLegs today. This outfit is compliments of my good friend Heather. Thanks Heather!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting use to my new "normal"

My new "normal" is slowly starting to feel more....well....normal. I have successfully colored my first coloring page while nursing a baby. Yes that's right...and I was very proud of myself. I have to admit I didn't color the whole thing (Aiden doesn't stay at one activity for very long), but I still colored. Slowly but surely I know multi-multi-tasking will get a bit easier. Last night Makayla gave me a 6 hour stretch! She is such a good girl! And I was showered before Aiden got up this morning (something I didn't think would happen for a very long time) so we're feeling pretty good around here today.

Aiden is feeling much better too. Its amazing what an antibiotic will do. I am slowly letting him help with "baby" more and more. This morning while I was changing her diaper he went and got his little stool so he could see too. And he was so proud of himself when she lost her paci and he put it back in for her. It was very cute! He was grinning from ear to ear.

Tomorrow will be my first official day on my own all day with two kids. I will surely be posting about that adventure. Today Aiden is with his Gran (Kreg's mom) so Makayla and I are enjoying our day doing laundry and cleaning up around the house so I will be ready to go for the rest of the week.
Here is a picture we took of Makayla on Saturday: 1 1/2 weeks old

Friday, February 6, 2009


Makayla is stylin today. I pulled out the first of her headbands and she's been sportin it all morning. Isn't she so cute! Being a winter baby she has constantly been in a hat but we decided to celebrate the upcoming warm up today by trying on a headband...60 degrees by Tuesday! wooohooo!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Brother Aiden

Yesterday Aiden decided to do his own hair. Yes all by himself! My little guy is getting way too big! My mom gave him a pick and turned the water on for him and he went to town. Isn't he cute?!

I am starting to gain a little more confidence about being a mother of two. Next week I will be on my own a little more so that will be the first big test. I just have to keep telling myself I am a wife and a mom first and the cook and maid second. If the house isn't clean or dinner isn't ready then its going to be ok. But I thought this next picture was quite appropriate because I think this is the picture of my future:

Aiden in one arm and Makayla in the other. During this picture we were watching Bob the Builder, otherwise known as "Bop" as Aiden calls it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I love my mother!

I am so so so thankful to have my mom here this week. Friday, just before leaving the hospital, mom called and said she thought Aiden had croup. Oh my...not good with a 2 day old baby on her way home for the first time. Mom immediately made an appointment with Aiden's pediatrician (so glad I thought to put her name on the list of those who could take him to the doctor) and they said yep sounds like croup. So he is on a steroid for 5 days and the cough sounds significantly better. The bad part is he has an absolutely terrible cold to go right along with it. I have no idea where he picked this up from because we have been so careful to keep him healthy knowing we would be bringing home a new little life. So having my mom here has been wonderful because she is my buffer between Aiden and Makayla and she is the designated nose wiper (as well as the cook, babysitter, and maid...oh I am so thankful). It is of course obvious everyday how much my mom loves her grandchildren but I think that love was elevated to a new level yesterday when I saw her catch Aiden's snotty sneeze in her hand (and as I write she just did it again). Now that is sacrifice! It is so hard because I want to hold and cuddle my son right now so he knows mommy loves him even though I am so busy with Makayla but I don't feel like I should get near him at the same time. I have to protect this sweet little baby girl and myself right now. Aiden seems to be doing a little better this morning but please pray that God will continue to protect all of us from getting sick, especially Makayla. So far we are all still feeling well. Mom and I basically walk around the house all day sanitizing everything we see Aiden touch, sneeze on, or cough near.
Yesterday Kreg helped a lot with Aiden too (giving my mom a nice break). We sent the two of them outside and they made a huge snowman!

And while I take care of my baby Aiden has been taking care of his (while wearing his sunglasses upside down) side note: this is Makayla's baby doll haha...not really Aiden's but its a nice distraction for now!

And of course I could not resist taking another daily picture of my baby girl.

To top off our day yesterday, Kreg took in the Superbowl with Makayla. It really looked like she was watching the tv.

Side note: Last night she slept 5 straight hours for me! Thank you baby girl!