Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So many reasons...

why I can't wait for spring:

1. I am getting really tired of cold weather. Its always fun at first to pull out the sweaters and get all cozy inside the house but I'm ready to put the sweaters away again. Come on warm weather!
2. It is time for cold and flu season to be over! We have been attacked yet again by another cold virus. And poor little baby girl has the sniffles too! It's so sad to see my 4 week old baby sniffling and coughing. The poor thing hates it when I suck the snot out of her nose but she feels better once we get it out. Makayla can thank her big brother for this little cold.
3. I can hardly wait til we can play outside again. Aiden LOVES to play outside. And he will love it even more this year because we have a sandbox (thank you Sidels!) and he should be big enough to ride his big wheel this year.
4. The arrival of spring also means I can take the kids out in my double jogging stroller (that I don't have yet but will be getting soon). We live in a great neighborhood for going for walks or jogs.
5. Spring means planting season. And planting season means Aiden gets to ride on tractors with Kreg. And anyone that knows Aiden knows how much he loves to ride on tractors! He will be one happy little guy. I love that Aiden can go ride but the down side is it will be a long few weeks while Kreg is working late most nights.
6. The arrival of spring also means baby girl should be sleeping through the night by then! I like the sound of that. She really is doing very well. And in fact gave me quite a long stretch of sleep last night but all night/every night is sounding better and better! :)
7. We will be able to go to the park again. The park has a great playground Aiden loves to play on. And every Tuesday the Book Mobile shows up at the park and the kids get to do a free craft. I'm thinking Aiden will enjoy it a lot more this year.
8. By mid Spring mom and dad will have their pool open! wooohoooo. I can't wait to take the kids swimming.
9. Spring means we will be able to work on the landscaping around our house. We moved into this house a year ago and we didn't change any of the landscaping last year becuase we were more worried about the landscaping for our home in Indy that we were trying to sell. But this year we are going to spruce things up around here and I'm excited about it!
10. And by Spring much more of my wardrobe should fit. I started working out again yesterday. It felt great. And I'm sore today. I may be a strange cookie for saying this, but I love to be sore. I guess it makes me feel like I worked hard. I do something called crossfit for my workouts. They are fast and very effective (and hard but worth it). Its aerobic/srength training in one. If you are ever curious about my workouts just let me know. Exercise is something I have a passion for (I know very strange but its true).

I think I could list more reasons but I started this blog post around 8:30am this morning and I just now finished it (2:30pm), if that is any indication as to what my days are like now (busy....very busy). So I don't think I have time to write anymore. If its not one kid then its the other. I am loving being a mommy of 2 but some days are definitley tiring. And we DEFINITELY don't have anymore boring days. Yes I will admit when it was just Aiden and I home all day there were times we didn't have much to do. I would say gone are the days of having nothing to do.


Jessica said...

I agree! I have been using this nasty weather as an excuse for no exercise. And I will join you in the "should be sleeping through the night by spring". We are still up every 4 hours and I am turning into a zombie mom!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the advice! I am such a sucker for her cute little face and coos in the middle of the night! She is actually still sleeping in our room but I think we are going to put her in her crib. It is THAT time... I still look at her as my little newborn. I have really been wanting to do a dream feed as well so I will have to start pumping some bottles to see if it helps. Thanks again!