Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Brother Aiden

Yesterday Aiden decided to do his own hair. Yes all by himself! My little guy is getting way too big! My mom gave him a pick and turned the water on for him and he went to town. Isn't he cute?!

I am starting to gain a little more confidence about being a mother of two. Next week I will be on my own a little more so that will be the first big test. I just have to keep telling myself I am a wife and a mom first and the cook and maid second. If the house isn't clean or dinner isn't ready then its going to be ok. But I thought this next picture was quite appropriate because I think this is the picture of my future:

Aiden in one arm and Makayla in the other. During this picture we were watching Bob the Builder, otherwise known as "Bop" as Aiden calls it.

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