Monday, February 2, 2009

I love my mother!

I am so so so thankful to have my mom here this week. Friday, just before leaving the hospital, mom called and said she thought Aiden had croup. Oh my...not good with a 2 day old baby on her way home for the first time. Mom immediately made an appointment with Aiden's pediatrician (so glad I thought to put her name on the list of those who could take him to the doctor) and they said yep sounds like croup. So he is on a steroid for 5 days and the cough sounds significantly better. The bad part is he has an absolutely terrible cold to go right along with it. I have no idea where he picked this up from because we have been so careful to keep him healthy knowing we would be bringing home a new little life. So having my mom here has been wonderful because she is my buffer between Aiden and Makayla and she is the designated nose wiper (as well as the cook, babysitter, and maid...oh I am so thankful). It is of course obvious everyday how much my mom loves her grandchildren but I think that love was elevated to a new level yesterday when I saw her catch Aiden's snotty sneeze in her hand (and as I write she just did it again). Now that is sacrifice! It is so hard because I want to hold and cuddle my son right now so he knows mommy loves him even though I am so busy with Makayla but I don't feel like I should get near him at the same time. I have to protect this sweet little baby girl and myself right now. Aiden seems to be doing a little better this morning but please pray that God will continue to protect all of us from getting sick, especially Makayla. So far we are all still feeling well. Mom and I basically walk around the house all day sanitizing everything we see Aiden touch, sneeze on, or cough near.
Yesterday Kreg helped a lot with Aiden too (giving my mom a nice break). We sent the two of them outside and they made a huge snowman!

And while I take care of my baby Aiden has been taking care of his (while wearing his sunglasses upside down) side note: this is Makayla's baby doll haha...not really Aiden's but its a nice distraction for now!

And of course I could not resist taking another daily picture of my baby girl.

To top off our day yesterday, Kreg took in the Superbowl with Makayla. It really looked like she was watching the tv.

Side note: Last night she slept 5 straight hours for me! Thank you baby girl!

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The Bledsoes said...

Hey Stacey,
I found your blog off of Cari's blog. Your family is beautiful! Our little girls are only a few weeks apart. I had Janna Lynn on January 3rd. Good luck with Aiden being sick. When we brought Janna Lynn home Landen came down with RSV that same day, so I know what you are going through!! Good luck and congrats on your baby girl.