Friday, May 30, 2008

Mr. Thomas Robert Salsbery

I would like to dedicate this post to the newest Salsbery Man in the world. Thomas Robert was born yesterday, May 29th, at 12:50 pm. He weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. His daddy, Eric, is Kreg's cousin. Eric's wife Allison, the new mommy, looked wonderful today when I saw her. And Mr. Thomas couldn't be any sweeter.

Welcome to the world little guy! When you're bigger we'll have you over to play.

Allison, Eric, and Thomas

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Chicago Race

On Saturday I ran a 10 mile race downtown Chicago with Kreg's brother Kent. Kreg and Aiden walked around the stadium and ate the free food while we ran (I'd say Kreg had the easy job but I think I'd rather be running than chasing Aiden up and down the stairs in the stadium). The race started and ended at Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) which was pretty cool in and of itself. The race was pretty much 5 miles out and 5 miles back but the 5 miles back was by far the better half being that I was running right along Lake Michigan with a beautiful view of the skyline right in front of me. Pretty cool. Some of you may find me a bit strange but I actually enjoy running. It's not always a party but it has become "my sport." I'm not fast but I am consistent. My pace was just under a 10 minute mile for this race. I finished in 1 hr and 39 mins. and I was really pleased with my time. The race started just outside the stadium and ended right on the 50 yard line. The last part of the course consisted of running in through the back entrance of the stadium and then out onto the field like the players get to do. Quite a rush actually. That was my favorite moment....running into the stadium and all the people in the stands cheering you on as you finished. You non runners out there have to admit that just might motivate you as well (just a little maybe)?

Kent did great too. He finished in 1 hour and 26 mins (i believe). I know his pace was about 8 1/2 min. miles....very impressive I'd say. After the race we got to enjoy downtown Chicago a bit. We went to "the bean" (for those of you familiar with Chicago, you know what that is). And then we let Aiden play at the fountain they call "the faces." We forgot our camera in the car so no pictures of "the bean" or "the faces" but Aiden LOVED running around like a crazy baby in the water. The rest of the weekend pretty much consisted of laying around talking about how sore we were...haha...and it was great.
That's me (blue tank top, looking straight at the camera) right after finishing the race. You can see on the opposite side of the field is where the runners are entering. Maybe someday I will do a full marathon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Zoo

Tuesday Aiden and I took Grandma Darlene, Aunt Jessica, cousin Jack, and baby cousin James to the zoo. We had a really nice morning and it was beautiful weather. Aiden wasn't too lively as he woke up at 5:45 am Tuesday morning and missed his morning nap because of our little adventure. I think Jack really enjoyed the animals. We heard a few "wow's" out of cute. I think the giraffe's were my favorite because we were so close to them. We also went to the zoo last Friday with my mom, Mindy, my nephew Luke, our friend Kiersten, and her two girls. We had a great time with them as well but I was the only one who remembered a camera and my batteries were dead so I'm very sorry to report we have no pictures of that outing. Thanks to my mother's day present from my mom we have a family zoo pass and can enjoy the zoo whenever we'd like now. Wooohooo! So if you'd like to go with us just give me a call.

After the zoo Jessica took me down to my mom's and Aiden and I spent time with my grandparents. They finally got to see Aiden after his 3 1/2 hour nap....yes I think he was tired from the zoo. And for dinner we went to my brother and sister-in-laws (Mark and Mindy's) and Aiden got to play with his cousin Luke. It was so cute to actually see them playing together this time. Of course Aiden doesn't quite understand that Luke can't walk yet and its not nice to pull his hair but we'll get there.
Aiden also got to wash dishes with his grandma for the first time. And he loved it! Or maybe he loved eating the bubbles more. If you look real close you can see the evidence on his face.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Expelled the Movie

Last week Kreg and I had a date night down to Westfield and we went to see the documentary film Expelled. Everyone who believes God is the creator needs to see this film. (If you don't believe God created the Earth and all who live in it then read the Bible.) Here's the link to the movie It's done by Ben Stein because of what he discovered is happening in the circles of higher education. Professors and scientists that even mention that intelligent design could be a possibility (and not Darwinism) are being exiled from the scientific community, loosing their jobs, their tenures, their grant money, etc. at just the mention of intelligent design. Our world, especially America, is becoming a very scary place. The underlying goal of many of the top rated scientists in the world is to do away with religion. Once religion is in its "rightful place" then science can thrive. Have you ever thought about the fact that the theories behind Darwinism are very similar to Communism (go see the film and you'll understand). If we don't fight back and stand up for the true Creator then I'm afraid of what our children and grandchildren will encounter at the mention of Creation or Intelligent Design or even just the mention of Christianity. Go see the film. I'm not doing justice to all that the film unveils but the bottom line is we need to open our eyes to what's out there. In the film one highly respected scientist relates God to something as silly as fairy tales and goblins. They think us stupid and ignorant for believing in such a higher power well I'm sorry to say but they are the ignorant ones.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stinker strikes again!

Since we visited daddy in the fields last night Aiden didn't get home to bed until way late (8:30 pm) haha...yikes! So I hurried to get him in his pj's and off to sleepy land. Aiden LOVES to brush his teeth so I normally let him brush them while I'm changing him (helps keep him content). I got him changed and set him down so I could clean up the changing station a bit. The minute I set him down he always takes off running out of the room. So this was like any other normal night until I went in search for him (a mere 30 seconds later mind you) and I found him in the bathroom vigorously swirling his toothbrush in the toilet (pj's soaked all the way up the arm, a triumphant smile, and excited giggles accompanied the vigorous swirling.) Thank you Aiden! So yes you guessed it...we are now off to Meijer to buy Aiden a new toothbrush.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stinker and Thinker

This past Thursday Aiden and I headed down to Indy for a short visit with my family. We stayed all night down there since Kreg was busy in the fields. We got to hang out with Mark, Mindy, and Luke and Aiden is always excited to see cousin Luke. Mom decided her two grandsons are "stinker and thinker." By looking at the picture can you guess which is which?

Now if you are still having trouble deciding which one is stinker and which one is thinker then just keep reading.

Kreg called us Friday and said he would be done early so Aiden and I decided to head back up here early so as not to miss a minute of precious daddy time. And Aiden was supposed to take his afternoon nap in the car on the way home. haha yeah right....I should have known better than to think he would actually sleep. My son does not sleep in the car (maybe when he's a teenager). So he was a bit tired and at about the half way point we had played with every toy and he wanted nothing to do with them anymore. So I went on a search in my middle console to see if there was anything I could give him to keep him quiet. My hand grabbed a cassette tape and I thought...hmmm....he can't do any harm to this and it can't do any harm to him so ok here ya go with this. Well I will let the rest of the story tell itself:

I couldn't believe how quiet he was being. Minutes and minutes of nice quiet driving time passed by and I thought to myself, "Wow...good job Stace he likes the tape." And then I started to see his little hands pulling something in the rear view mirror (still being very quiet). And then it hit me....oh dear...oh my that's my tape! oops....

I think there are many lessons I could learn from this but to be honest I don't really care because those few moments of fuss free silence were lovely! cute little stinker!