Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Expelled the Movie

Last week Kreg and I had a date night down to Westfield and we went to see the documentary film Expelled. Everyone who believes God is the creator needs to see this film. (If you don't believe God created the Earth and all who live in it then read the Bible.) Here's the link to the movie www.expelledthemovie.com It's done by Ben Stein because of what he discovered is happening in the circles of higher education. Professors and scientists that even mention that intelligent design could be a possibility (and not Darwinism) are being exiled from the scientific community, loosing their jobs, their tenures, their grant money, etc. at just the mention of intelligent design. Our world, especially America, is becoming a very scary place. The underlying goal of many of the top rated scientists in the world is to do away with religion. Once religion is in its "rightful place" then science can thrive. Have you ever thought about the fact that the theories behind Darwinism are very similar to Communism (go see the film and you'll understand). If we don't fight back and stand up for the true Creator then I'm afraid of what our children and grandchildren will encounter at the mention of Creation or Intelligent Design or even just the mention of Christianity. Go see the film. I'm not doing justice to all that the film unveils but the bottom line is we need to open our eyes to what's out there. In the film one highly respected scientist relates God to something as silly as fairy tales and goblins. They think us stupid and ignorant for believing in such a higher power well I'm sorry to say but they are the ignorant ones.

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Hey, it's Gretchen. I have been really wanting to see this. Hopefully Ryan and I can get sitters and go! How is farm life?