Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stinker strikes again!

Since we visited daddy in the fields last night Aiden didn't get home to bed until way late (8:30 pm) haha...yikes! So I hurried to get him in his pj's and off to sleepy land. Aiden LOVES to brush his teeth so I normally let him brush them while I'm changing him (helps keep him content). I got him changed and set him down so I could clean up the changing station a bit. The minute I set him down he always takes off running out of the room. So this was like any other normal night until I went in search for him (a mere 30 seconds later mind you) and I found him in the bathroom vigorously swirling his toothbrush in the toilet (pj's soaked all the way up the arm, a triumphant smile, and excited giggles accompanied the vigorous swirling.) Thank you Aiden! So yes you guessed it...we are now off to Meijer to buy Aiden a new toothbrush.

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