Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer is definitely here!

Hello loyal readers....I am happy to be up and running again with the new and improved blog (at least I think so). I have much to update you on but we'll start slow so as not to inundate you with too much too quickly!

Hot hot hot! That seems to be the name of the game right now. We are trying to enjoy our summer as much as possible because well summer always goes waaaayyyy too quickly. Wouldn't you agree? So, we've been doing as much swimming as we possibly can lately. Aiden is doing pretty well with a life vest and floaties. He definitely won't sink, haha...that's for sure. We're just working on the doggy paddle right now and kicking but he's starting to catch on. Makayla is not quite a little mermaid yet. Her first time in the pool was last weekend and she didn't seem to mind it. Although she wasn't quite squealing with delight either. I have pictures to document all our fun.

By the way, today is my birthday! And it also marks 6 months til Christmas. Not that I'm counting (don't get me wrong). I just always thought it was neat that my birthday was exactly 6 months from Christmas. I will post birthday pictures later because I do believe Mr. Aiden just awakened from his nap, which was just way too short today.

Oh yes and Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma Deardorff!

Cute swimsuit Makayla!

My Men!

Aiden swimming all by himself!

Jump Aiden Jump!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going Private

Well I realize I have not been the best of bloggers as of late but I have been thinking a lot (and we've been busy). Kreg and I have talked and we are not sure its the best idea to continue airing our entire life and kiddos to the big bad world wide web. One reason is safety of ourselves and our children. And another thing that keeps going through my mind is when my kids reach high school are their friends going to be able to find this blog? Are the things I write about now going to be embarrassing to them later? I can just envision Aiden on the football or baseball team and one day having one of his friends bring in one of my posts or a picture and be totally embarrassed. I would not like that. I write this blog so friends and family can keep up to date on us and watch our kids grow. I don't want it to come back to haunt my son or daughter in the future.

So Kreg and I have come to a compromise. Our blog is going private. I had a friend that recently made her blog private and that's what got me thinking. If you know us and you would like to continue to read our blog we would love for you to. My plan is to make the blog private in two weeks (June 24). So if you want to keep up with us then just send me your e-mail address. You can e-mail me at I will put all of your e-mails on my list of approved readers and you can sign in and read all you want, anytime you want! The one catch is that you must have a gmail account in order to be a long time follower. If you don't have a gmail account I believe you can sign in as a guest for up to a month. (Gma and Gpa if you want me to set up a gmail account for you just let me know and I will) I am sorry for any inconvenience but Kreg and I both feel if I am going to keep blogging then this is the best setup for us and our little family.