Friday, March 18, 2011

Life Update

It's been a busy winter. Sorry faithful readers for the lack of updates.
In February we welcomed our 4th nephew! Baby Bennet as Makayla and Aiden refer to him! He is a cutey and then just last week we welcomed our 3rd niece, Rebecca Lyn! (babies, babies everywhere!)
The kids with Baby Bennet:

Makayla is particularly one very proud cousin!

Sweet little Rebecca:

I must say it was fun to visit this time around and not be the one being visited! I am enjoying holding these sweet babies and then being able to hand them back to their mommy's! :) I know my time will come again one day but I'm really enjoying life right now. The kids are starting to get more independent and they are really starting to play together which has been wonderful! And now that its actually starting to feel like spring outside we are enjoying the outdoors once again and loving every minute of it. This weekend Kreg is building the kids a swing set! They are very excited (as am I). Between that, Aiden's new bike he got for his birthday, and the sandbox I have a feeling we could just pack up the indoor toys and put them away for a few months because the kids are going to live outside til fall!
Something we are seeing a lot more around here is Makayla playing dress up. She is most definitely our little princess and her love for shoes has continued to grow, especially princess shoes. And it really doesn't matter what she's wearing (sweat pants, footie pj's, jeans,) some sort of shiny are sparkly shoe is often an added accessory.

Just for kicks here's a cute pic of the kids water color painting the other day. They pretty much do everything together. If one does something then the other has to do it too.

My big winter project has been quilts for the kids beds. Yep that's right...Stacey the quilter! I've had a lot of fun making them too. I got inspired when I saw a boy/girl room in a pottery barn magazine but knew Kreg would never let me spend mega bucks on the kids bedding so I got really ambitious and decided to make 2 quilts. (a friend at church helped me figure out how to put them together.) So without further is Makayla's quilt:

And Aiden's:

There room is painted in a light green color. And if you notice both quilts are tied together with John Deere fabric (the John Deere green looks great up next to the light green of the walls). And anyone that knows my kiddo's knows John Deere is the perfect way to go for them. (Not sure if there is such a thing as a John Deere princess but if not then Makayla could certainly be the first.) I have finished quilting both quilts but have yet to put the binding around the edges. (That's next week's lesson with my friend from church)
Between the quilts, the kids, and studying and preparing to teach Bible Study each week I've stayed pretty busy through the winter and I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer outside watching the kids play! If you're lucky maybe I'll get a picture of the new swing set on here before they grow out of it! :)