Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tennessee Vacation

We had a fun week down in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with the family. Although I must be honest and say I wasn't too impressed with Gatlinburg and the week started off a little rough when I found a scorpion in our bedroom!! Yikes!! I was very skiddish in the cabin for the rest of the week. But besides the bugs, the week was pretty relaxing. Most of the family golfed about everyday, including Kreg (who is fast becoming a seasoned golfer) and I hung out around the cabin most afternoons reading while Aiden napped. There were outlet stores not too far away so we explored those several days and yes found many good bargains (Aiden now has clothes stashed for next gotta love the $1.99 racks at Carters). Twice we explored the Smokey Mountains some. Kreg and I did a hike up to a waterfall one morning and our last day the whole family hiked some next to a very pretty river. The evenings were filled with fun family time that included hot tubbin, Airwolfe DVD's (anyone else remember that show besides us?), Aiden entertaining us, and the discovery channel. My family has this new fascination with the show Man vs. Wild and of course Planet Earth. If you haven't seen Man vs Wild then you need to schedule a date to do so....this guy is unbelievable. No one could ever pay me enough money to do what he does...he's crazy but very entertaining. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ok so we forgot to take any pictures of Aiden for his first Easter but my mom watched him this morning while I went to the grocery store and I thought this one was too cute not to share. He looks so old to me in this pic! We had a fun weekend. Pretty relaxing hanging out with Kreg's family. My nephew was there too (8 months) and he's eating real food now so one of our highlights was watching Jack chow down. He entertained us all for quite some time. He's a cutie as well. He's very playful and I enjoy watching him to see where Aiden will be in a few months.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Aiden's first haircut

Aiden got his hair cut yesterday! 3 months old and he already needed a haircut...unbelievable. Kreg and I thought it would be more fun to enlist the help of our good friends Nate and Kiersten for the occasion. So we headed across the street last night for the big event. Aiden did very well. No tears...a little squirmy...but it was a success. And now he is even more handsome than before, which I never thought possible. Kreg did the honors of the first few snips (yes I was nervous) and Nate finished the job for us. Nate and Kiersten's two little girls thought the whole thing was quite hilarious (how many adults does it take to cut a baby's hair??) so they pulled their chairs right up to the towel for a little stadium seating. They're so cute!

Its cold here again today. No fun! I want the 80 degree weather back again that we had on Tuesday. This weekend we're headed up to Kokomo to Kreg's parents. Maybe I'll have some good stories and pictures of Aiden's first Easter come Monday.