Monday, April 9, 2007

Ok so we forgot to take any pictures of Aiden for his first Easter but my mom watched him this morning while I went to the grocery store and I thought this one was too cute not to share. He looks so old to me in this pic! We had a fun weekend. Pretty relaxing hanging out with Kreg's family. My nephew was there too (8 months) and he's eating real food now so one of our highlights was watching Jack chow down. He entertained us all for quite some time. He's a cutie as well. He's very playful and I enjoy watching him to see where Aiden will be in a few months.


The Harberts said...

Yippee! Another blog to read! Welcome to the obsession. Aiden is getting big so fast, it will be so fun to look back at this page in a few months and watch how he grows. It's like an online baby book. :-)
Miss you!

Julie said...

holy cow!! He's a little man!!! Thanks for starting the blog cause I need to get my information and see this kid grow up even if it's via computer. Wow - I can't get over how grown up he is....