Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

There is nothing like good cheap entertainment. On Monday the kids each wanted to play in the toy bins. They kept wanting to sit in them so I put the bins up on the couch, stuck them each in a bin with their blankey's, turned Thomas the Train on, and got a few things done around the house. It kept them entertained long enough to get a few items crossed off my "to do" list and it was also picture worthy.

Another day I let them go play outside. It took a little longer to get ready than it does in the summer but definitely worth it to see Makayla waddle around in a big snow suit!


Julie : ) said...

love the "kid in the box" approach to parenting that you are taking... :)

Monica said...

hehehe, your kids are funny. :) And oh so cute, of course. :) And I just read your other December post and can I just tell you how much my pregnancy hormones are kicking in? I got teary eyed at the picture of you and kreg with the kiddos, realizing how big your kids are now! Anywho, looking forward to seeing you guys in a few days!!