Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 months old!

Sweet baby Makayla is 4 months old today!

Thanks for the picture Uncle Kent!

We have been crazy busy lately, thus the lack of posts. Sorry about that. Kreg has been in the fields solid since the beginning of last week. Some nights they have even worked around the clock. They've been rushed to get the crops in the ground because of all the rain. So I have been in single parent mode most days and that is tough! Shheeeweeeee....I am soooo thankful for the great daddy my husband is and we sure miss him when he has to work so much! Things go so much smoother when the presence of daddy is around. But we're making it and I am happy to report the corn is in the ground! On to beans now.

I have more pictures to post later. Some of the things we have been up to: Kyle's high school graduation and open house (Kreg's youngest brother), spending some great time with Kreg's family that were in town for the graduation, taking Aiden for tractor rides, taking lunch and dinner to Kreg, play dates at the park, walks, jogs, and playing in the sandbox.


Jessica said...

She is so adorable! She already looks so much older than when we came to visit, it is amazing how fast they grow. Glad to here things are going well and let me know if you ever come up to the flea market!

katherine said...

i've been meaning to ask you for awhile -- what brand of double jogger do you have? i'm looking for one. i think i know what i want, but would LOVE your opinion on yours. i know a double jogger will be a beating, but with two so little there's no way i'll be out running any other way!