Monday, May 11, 2009

Utterly Amazed!

Yes I am utterly amazed. I am speechless really (except for the words I shall type now). It is 5pm and both of my children are still asleep! Wow! Yes you read that correctly. They both (both at the same time mind you...a feat in and of itself) went to bed at 2 and they are still asleep. 3 hours! 3 HOURS! Wow! This has never happened before. To have 3 whole hours all to myself while both children are in my care. I have a quiche in the oven. Laundry done. Kitchen cleaned up (from said quiche). E-mails read and some even replied to. Phone calls made. The budget updated. And a smile on my face. Wow! (I even wandered around the house a bit not sure what to do with myself)

I was starting to get worried because this never happens. So I went in a few minutes ago to make sure they are still breathing....and yes they are still breathing. They both look rather cute sleeping too...I might add.

So my I wake them up? Makayla should have nursed over an hour ago. And Kreg is working late and I would really like Aiden to go to bed at 8pm with no problems. I am wondering if this big nap will mess him up. And yet these words ring in my head "never wake a sleeping baby" (or toddler for that matter). So I guess I shall wait... just a few more minutes! Oh happy day!!

(I'm probably in for short naps the rest of the week) :)


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Eek. Lol. I know it SEEMS great, but in our house if our toddlers sleep past about 3p, there is NO going to bed when we tuck them in at 7.30p.

Hope Aiden went to bed for you on time though! :)


Justin said...

I meant to tell you; happy mother's day on Sunday. HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY belated.