Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Precious Moments

I'm thinking maybe I should start a "precious moments" series since I witness quite a few of them around here. So I shall give you two today to "aawwww" over.

Precious Moment #1: I took the kids for a jog yesterday after their naps. I love my double jogging stroller. It is most definitely quite the workout. Anywho...about 5 minutes into our run I look through the parent peek window of the canopy and I see Aiden reach over to hold Makayla's hand. (aaawwwww) It was so sweet. I have no idea what prompted him to do this but he held her hand and played with her little fingers for probably a good 10 minutes. Such a sweet big brother.

Precious Moment #2: Aiden loves to copy whatever Kreg and I do. Most of the time its very cute. Well prior to my "real" jog with the kids Aiden decided he wanted to run with mommy. (This is the 2nd time he has done this). So I pushed the stroller and let him run beside me to begin with. With his little 2 year old legs I have to sort of jog in place to let him keep up with me. And the poor guy works sooooo hard to keep up with mommy. It's so cute. He gets his little arms pumping and his head down and his legs movin as fast as they can go. After a few minutes he was huffing and puffing and I asked him if he was ready to get in the stroller. He said, "No (huff and puff), I run (huff and puff) with mommy (huff and puff) and off he went arms pumping, head down, and legs movin for probably close to 1/2 a mile. I know pretty good for such a little guy. I think one day I will be attending his cross country meets. I told that to Kreg and he said no I will be attending his football games...oh it is then.

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