Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Update for my loyal Readers

Well we are still in the mixt of our computer woes but I atleast figured I could write a bit of an update on here for all you loyal readers of mine (sorry still no pictures). Harvest officially finished at 2:10 pm Monday afternoon....wooohoooo! And God is was a successful year. It has been nice to have Kreg around more this week. Overall I enjoyed harvest. The last few weeks got a bit long and I was very much ready for some more help with Aiden (I've had quite a bit of back pain recently with this pregnancy) but it was fun to ride on the tractors and take Aiden to ride with daddy while I ran errands or relaxed in the car and read a book. Yes that was quite enjoyable. And pretty much the only toys Aiden will play with now are his tractors. We're thinking he may need a few more for Christmas. It's very cute but I'm tellin ya playing tractors is hard work! shhheeewwwweeee.....crawling around pushing a tractor is definitely killer on the back (and the knees on the wood floor in the kitchen). If anyone would like to come play tractors with my son you are more than welcome anytime!

Pregnancy update: I am now just over 29 weeks and its hard to believe baby girl is going to be here soon. Yikes! Like I said, I am feeling great except for my very annoying lower back pain that comes and goes depending on the day (and the amount of tractor playing done that day).

Aiden was a monkey for halloween this year and a very cute monkey I might add. It suited him well :) He didn't mind the costume at all but got a little annoyed when he couldn't get the banana out of his was sewn in. haha...oops.

We are looking forward to our upcoming vacation as well. One week from today we will be headed to sunny Orlando, Florida and I can not wait! Maybe after that we will be able to get a different computer and I can be 100% up and running agian.


Heidi Stone said...

I had terrible back pain when I was pregnant with Sienna, so I definitely feel for you.

I had such a great time with Aiden and his "mombine" last weekend!

Hope you guys have an awesome vacation!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear it gets better! Brooke is actually sleeping in her swing at night because she would scream in her bassinet. I thought about belly but sometimes when she is on her tummy she goes face down and refuses to move even though she can. We have been using some of the tips from Babywise and Baby Whisperer and she is sleeping a 5 hour stretch and then two 3-4 hour stretches. I consider this pretty good and hope she starts going longer!

How are you feeling these days? You aren't too far from that due date now, right? Heather Dunbar mentioned something about a baby tour this Spring and Dustin thought maybe meeting up in Kokomo. We would love to see you!