Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exciting Times

Well I have much to be excited about this week. Let me just list off some of those items for you.
1. Tomorrow (after 8 years) I am getting a new car! That's right! I can hardly believe it. I'm joining the ranks of "mini van moms." And I'm absolutely delighted about it. Kreg's grandpa has decided to get a new van before they head to Florida for the winter so they are selling their 2006 Chrysler to us at a really good price! Woooooohoooooooooo! My 95 Mazda has been a great car and its always gotten me where I want to go but I was not excited about trying to fit two carseats in the backseat of that thing. My car is our "family car" i.e. Kreg's truck is really nice but it may often have a piggy smell and its a pain to change the carseat back and forth so we always just leave it in mine. Anyway, with the infant seat in the car the front passenger would have had to sit with their knees practically touching the dashboard. Yikes! But now I get my very own van with lots of room, a huge space for my double stroller and my groceries, and a car with doors that open at a touch of a button on my key!
2. Aiden has been sick for almost 2 weeks and I think we are officially over it. It started out as a cold over Thanksgiving and then lead to two bad ear infections. And he has been teething. And the antibiotic he was on gave him horrible "runs." And I mean horrible! But yesterday we actually had a good diaper and he sneezed a few times with no snot rockets! I know disgusting but I'm really excited. And he was happy and played like my normal little boy again.
3. The pacifier is offically gone. I'm so glad that transition is over with and he did so much better then I thought he would. I thought we would have long hours of screaming but we didn't. We had a week of transition. He knew something was missing but wasn't sure what and he would cling to me when we put him to bed and try and throw his legs over the side of the crib. This is not normal for him. He use to just lay down, roll over, and go to sleep without a peep. But its been getting better and last night he layed down with no tears and went to sleep! Woooohoooooo and we didn't hear him all night. When we first took it away he would wake up and cry for a few minutes in the middle of the night.
4. The new baby room is starting to take shape. Last night Kreg put together my new changing table. I can't wait to get it all decorated. Only 6 more weeks til baby day (January 20th).
5. It's Christmas! And I love presents. I love giving presents and I love receiving presents. And I love all the sitting around with family.
6. Friday I am going to my mom's to hang out with my mom, my sister-in-law, and one of my best friends (Cari) to bake Christmas Cookies! And I get to drive my new van down there.
7. Ok so after I bake cookies I get to leave Aiden at my mom's house for the weekend. Kreg and I get a whole weekend for ourselves. And Kreg doesn't have to work in the barns this weekend. We can actually sleep in if we want Saturday and still have time to read and study our Bible's without being interrupted by a little one. I may even get breakfast out at Bob Evan's! I LOVE their multi-grain cinnamon pancakes.

So as you can see lots to be excited about this week. I just thought I would share so anyone who reads this could be excited with me.


Heidi Stone said...

I'm totally excited for you about all those things! Especially the mini-van! They are so nice. :)

The Kelly's said...

I'm so happy for you and the mini van! I'm sure you're thrilled! I also wanted to tell you to pray for me. I started Megan on "baby boot camp" last night. I finally decided that it was time to let her cry it out. Everyone told me I needed to do it, but I just now decided to listen. She cried for 35 minutes and finally fell asleep last night only to wake up again 45 minutes later and every hour until 2am!!!! I guess I did it to myself right?? I'll keep you posted!

Grandma Barb said...

Ok and grandma's excited too - that the new baby is coming, that my three special girls are coming to hang out and bake cookies on Friday and that Aiden's no longer sick since he's spending the weekend!! Whew!! And I know how you LOVE presents, just wait 'til you see the tree with the fun things all wrapped to drive you crazy - it's beeeeautiful!! Love you. Mom (gma)

Jessica said...

Those are exciting things! I would be so pumped for a mini-van. We can barely fit the stroller in the trunk.

michaelandheather said...

Aww...So glad you're seemingly doing well. Baby is just around the corner! So happy for you! Congrats on the new van too :)