Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well in just 48 hours we will be moving out of our current home and moving in with my in-laws! That's right. We sold our home just 10 days ago but part of the deal was that we had to close by June 16th! Its been a busy 10 days let me tell ya. We have a home we are buying but haven't been able to move that paper work along quick enough to be able to move right in. So we're just makin it work. We feel very blessed that God allowed us to sell our home so quickly and are so so excited to live next to the farm. Its going to make my life so much easier (on many different levels)!! And Kreg will be able to stop by home now throughout the day or even come home to just grab a snack! hip hip hooray!!

Makayla has absolutely no idea whats going on or why there seems to be nothing left in her room but she's been goin with the flow. Aiden understands that we're moving but he thinks we are going to have 2 homes. (Nope don't think so bud.) But he is very excited because he is going to live closer to the piggies! Living next to the farm is going to allow Kreg to swing by and pick Aiden up more often to go work with him. Aiden is going to LOVE that part. Right now we live just far enough away that its a very big inconvenience for Kreg to come home. And after 2 1/2 years of driving back and forth we're so glad we don't have to anymore!

The next time I write I will hopefully be able to say I am officially a country girl! :) (never thought I'd be so excited to type that sentence...haha) The good thing is both my in-laws and my parents are wonderful to be around and they both have pools!! So the kids and I are going to be doing a lot of swimming while we're between homes!! Maybe I'll even get tan! (that hasn't happened in a long time)

So I may be absent from the blog for a couple weeks while we're in the process of moving. Continued prayers that all the details will work out as planned would be much appreciated!!

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Julie : ) said...

wow!! congratulations! how wonderful!! Hope you get into your new place safe/sound :)