Friday, January 21, 2011

Creating Monsters

So prior to Aiden's birthday party we were trying to keep the house clean and picked up before all the guests arrived. So the result was 3 children on the couch all playing iPhones! Yep that's right...iPhones. The boys can play unassisted...Makayla still needs a little help or she may end up making unwanted purchases on Pawpaw's phone. Makayla will also at random state emphatically to just about anyone..."I want an iPhone." And because of her amazing capability at annunciating there is absolutely no mistaking what she is saying.
So I pose the question....are we creating monsters?

I dare say we are!

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Grandma Barb said...

Ah but Mamaw thinks they are the cutest and smartest little monsters around! And I really don't mind them playing with the iphone, but cleaning it off after they lick their fingers with the cupcake game is really gross....I love them.... but they make my phone sticky!!