Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Phase

On April 30th we entered a new phase in life, involving practice schedules, concession stand hours, uniforms, games, and cheering my heart out (sometimes while freezing and/or wet)....yep you guessed it...Little League. It is hard for us to believe we have a son old enough to play t-ball! So far its been a great experience for him. He is one of the smaller ones on the team (being not quite 4 1/2) but he's learning and we're proud of him for trying. More than anything this year we just want him to get the exposure of being on a team with other kids and get a feeling for how the game is played. Next year maybe we'll work more on technique!
This is Aiden on opening day. We were so excited for the day but it turned out to be FREEZING that morning so it wasn't quite as fun as we had all imagined. Aiden told me he wasn't sure he wanted to play anymore because baseball is cold! I very hopefully reassured him that not all the games will be that cold. Thankfully we're going to see some 80 degree temps this week and maybe I'll even be able to work on a little tan while I cheer him on.

Aiden's team is the Reds. They are a good little team too. They don't keep score in the t-ball league and I like that so I have no idea if his team has won or lost their last 3 games but there were definitely some good plays made. In the picture below Aiden is in the bottom row on the left.

And here is a pic with some of his teammates as they all huddled together next to one of the bathrooms on opening day to try and get out of the wind for a few minutes. We all thought it was going to be warmer than it turned out to be so no one was dressed warm enough. When Aiden got up to bat his little fingers were so cold he could barely grip the bat. I felt so bad for him.

Kreg informed me as I sat there freezing on opening day that I better get use to it because I just began a long career of sitting in the stands watching our son play sports. I told him I will gladly sit time I will just dress warmer! And that I his next game I wore 2 pairs of pants, my old soccer socks, 3 shirts, a sweatshirt, a fleece jacket, and a hat and I was nice and warm! So I say cheers to many more years of little league (or soccer, basketball, football, etc)...whatever he decides he wants to play.

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Julie : ) said...

how adorable! t-ball already??? cant believe it.....