Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot hot hot!

I am so thankful these days we have a pool to cool off in...
Aiden has learned to swim this summer and its been a big relief to know he can keep himself above water. And Aiden has turned into quite the fish too. He loves to jump off the side (or the diving board), dive down and touch the bottom, and stay under as long as he possibly can.

Makayla has gotten really good at using her floaties. It's quite impressive how she can kick her legs and get to just about anywhere she wants to go. I will be more relaxed though when this girl actually learns how to have to watch her like a hawk.

check out my muscle woman:

And a picture of myself i actually I had to include it.


Julie : ) said...

cute swimsuit! Mind if I ask where it's from....?

Stacey said...

the top is actually from Sears (of all places) and the bottoms I ordered from With everything being mix and match these days I had a hard time finding bottoms that worked with the top. But I'm happy with the end result.