Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ok well lets see whats new around here....(I know I need to step it up and blog a little more huh). The first weekend in June Aiden was in a cutest baby picture contest as a fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital. Of course we all think he should have won but I guess the judges didn't think so.

And over the past couple of weeks he has become quite the little eater! He loves bananas and sweet potato's. yum yum. Yesterday I tried to feed him prunes....you know help the poor guy out a little when it comes to poopy time but it was pretty much a no go. He appeased me with a few bites but I knew we were done when he started gagging. His face was priceless. Don't ask me why I didn't take a picture. I need to attach that camera to myself. But we're having lots of fun with food now. Unfortunately I think more of it gets on his chin and face than in his mouth. In between bites of food he likes to conveniently eat his fingers which which begins the following: food on fingers, fingers touch toes, sweet potato's now in between toes, fingers touch hair, sweet potato's now in hair, fingers touch clothes, and clothes now covered....you get the picture.

He also has a new toy and is loving it. Such a big boy!


Daniel and Megan said...

I would have voted for him! What a cutie! Hope you're enjoying your summer as a new mom.

Robyn said...

I've never met Mark or Aiden in person, but is it just me, or does your son look an awfully lot like his uncle?

The Harberts said...

Hey! He is such a doll! You should stop by soon... anytime, even this weekend if you're free. Just call. I'd love to show off the room! :) Bring baby so I can see him!