Friday, July 13, 2007

Brown County Getaway

My parents took us to Brown County earlier this week for Kreg and my birthday's. It was a nice little getaway. Mom and I tried to shop between Aiden's nap and feeding schedule which definitely made shopping more of a challenge. And while we tried to shop dad and Kreg played golf. In the evenings we had a little Euchre tournament but we don't really need to expound much more on that (Kreg and I only won one game).

Aiden did well sleeping in a different place but he has a new thing...we call him our little humming bird. Instead of an out right cry he likes to hum almost continuously when he wants something or is unhappy. He especially enjoys humming when we're trying to eat. No matter how fast or slow I try and feed him...he hums. Has anyone else had a humming baby? Is this typical? We want to encourage him to talk and make noise but we're not so sure about the humming. But I guess I should count my least its not a screaming cry.

And speaking of a screaming cry he threw his first big tantrum last night when I took an envelope away from him. Kreg was opening some mail and Aiden wanted I gave into the "humming" and gave him an envelope (little did I know this would be a problem). When the envelope got soggy, for his own good, I took it away from him and oh my goodness he did not like that. It was hard not to laugh during his little show. He recovered when he realized he wasn't getting it back but it sure did look like a very traumatic experience! Next time I'll try and take a picture :)

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Shelly said...

Maybe the humming is hereditary. I clearly remember Uncle Ken, oh, I mean Grandpa H. humming and singing alot.