Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last Wednesday was the big Salsbery family corn day. Yes you heard correctly....corn day. We shuck, cook, and bag corn for the next year. The boys sit in the back of an old truck and shuck and the girls sit at a picnic table and cut and bag as fast as our little fingers will let us. I love corn on the cob but after corn day...well...lets just say I get my fill all in one day. We cook the corn in a big pot on the grill. This year the boys shucked over 600 ears and we bagged I think close to 150 bags of corn.....should feed 4 little families for the next year (and the bags had to be a bit bigger this year because families keep growing!). However I could never complain because it is great to be stocked up for the year. Being Aiden's first year to be at corn day we let him take it pretty easy but the the guys did manage to get him in the truck with them. I guess they're breaking him in early. Its crazy for me to think this was already my fourth year!

In late August mom and I will have our annual raspberry picking day and I'll freeze those. And then in September/October I'll pick apples and freeze apple pie mixes (I just made one for Kreg yesterday). So let the freezing begin!

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