Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whats new with us

So whats new with the Salsbery's you ask? Well let me think...we've been to 3 weddings in the past 4 weeks and now we're in the clear until Kreg's brother Kristopher gets married in November. And silly me I have no pictures from any of them. What was I thinking? I've also been cleaning house a lot. We have had 2 showings on our house over the past 2 weeks. Exciting in many ways but at the same time makes me a bit nervous we may actually sell our house soon. Yikes! And Aiden just keeps growing. He discovered his tongue recently. He likes to stick it out while he is inspecting a new toy or trying to choose what toy to play with. And just to make sure he is truly sticking his tongue out he reaches up to touch know, just to make sure. One of the pictures is Aiden showing you his tongue while trying to grab the camera and the other is him being a big boy in his new Gatlinburg t-shirt from Gpa and Gma Salsbery.

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Shelly said...

Where are you moving???