Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please Pray!

Most of you who read my blog know my dearest and precious friend since Kindergarten, Cari Chastain. However some of you do not and thus I share this story and ask for your fervent prayers. In September Cari and her husband Andy lost their precious baby girl, Caden Joelle, at only 8 months old. This is a tragedy no one should ever ever have to deal with. The loss of a child, I just cannot fathom. Andy and Cari have remained more than faithful to the Lord through these past months and were pillars of God's strength and grace during the time of Caden's passing. The awesome power of God was displayed and is still being displayed through their godly hearts and attitudes today. Even while their heart continues to break for their baby girl.

God has blessed them too. They are expecting a baby boy in June! We all cannot wait to meet him and shower him with love, as we did Caden.

Then yesterday their world turned upside down again. Cari awoke in the morning to Andy having a seizure. She called 911 and got him to the ER. After some tests it was determined that Andy has a brain tumor. This just can't be happening to them! Not to them Lord no! It is not right. But I know God is in control and He is good, compassionate, merciful, gracious, and shall be praised in all our days! Andy and Cari saw the doctor last evening and received some good news too. The doctor was positive and said if you are going to have a brain tumor this is the kind to have. Very rarely is it malignant. And it is in a location (outside of the brain) where they should be able to remove it. The hope is that Andy will go home with only a scar on his head to show for it. The surgery has been scheduled for Friday morning.

Please pray with us. Cari is asking for prayer and if you are a believer then we are all apart of the body of Christ together and this part of the body needs our prayers. Pray they will remove all of the tumor. Pray the biopsy will show no cancer. Pray for peace of mind for them and their families. Pray for Cari as she continues to carry their unborn child. No stress is good on a pregnant lady, but especially not this.

This family has already been through so much these past months. From an earthly perspective it just doesn't seem right that they would now have to go through this. So we cling to the only thing we can: God is good all the time. And all the time God is good. Thank you for your prayers. Cari would love to know you are praying for them. It helps! If you join us in prayer please feel free to leave a comment on her blog.

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The Kelly's said...

Hey Stace. I heard about Andy yesterday and have been praying for him and Cari since then. Please keep us posted on how the surgery goes.