Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Girl

Awwwww....just look at that sweet little smile. I just love that smile!
Update: (For those inquiring minds who want to know) Makayla is doing much much better as far as the dirty diapers go. What seems to work best for her is an organic brown rice cereal with probiotics, made by Happy Bellies, mixed with pear juice. This seems to have corrected her "little poop problem."
I think in this picture she's saying, "Thank you mommy, I have such a happy tummy now."

Makayla is also very close to sitting up on her own. (And please note she actually has a bow in her hair! Her hair is really starting to grow in. She is sporting a bow made by my friend Jess. Thanks Jess! I believe you can buy them on

However, a few seconds later, over she goes. Uh Oh!

I thought they both looked cute after church on Sunday so I attempted to get a picture of them together. hmmmmm....that was difficult. This is as good as it got.

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