Monday, August 24, 2009

Corn Days

All you ever wanted to know about Salsbery Corn Day (a couple weeks late): (I know you are jumping with excitement)

Every year we have corn day, in which we shuck, cook, cut, and freeze about 600 ears of corn for Kreg's parents, siblings/their families, and ourselves. And for several weeks in the summer we eat all the sweet corn we want/can cram in our mouths before the short season is over. Kreg and I joke all the time that there is really only about a few hours in which the sweet corn is actually perfect to eat. Let me put it this way...since I'm married to a farmer, I'm not aloud to buy sweet corn from the store because "it's terrible." I learned that lesson the first summer we were married! I'm not complaining, I just didn't know. I always tell Kreg with all the butter and salt I put on my corn I have a hard time tasting anything else but butter and salt! Oh but it is quite the delicious combo of butter and salt, let me tell ya!

This year we had 2 corn days. We split it in half for several reasons...1. not quite as long of a day 2. we wanted to freeze some of another variety of corn that wasn't ready yet 3. so other family members could join us for corn day. Unfortunately I only have pictures of the first corn day, thanks to my father-in-law. But I think that will satisfy your corn day curiosities.

First the guys shuck it in the back of one of the farm trucks. I don't like this job because they often have to cut out worms (which is why we make this a boy job). Even Aiden was a part of the fun.

Then we boil it in a huge pot on the grill and sit in the garage at a picnic table to cut, cut, cut, and bag it up. This is typically where the ladies work. Although the last couple of years we've all helped each other and occasionly switched up the jobs a bit because of kids that need attention, and a dwendling number of helpers. You see you can't always predict when the corn is going to be ready. So sometimes we have corn day on a week day (because we can't wait. Its in its prime and won't be nearly as good a few days later) and its not possible for peeps to get off work and make the trek home. The hard work is all worth it though! I love pulling out a bag of corn in the winter for supper. Not only is it yummy, but soooo easy to just pop it in the microwave!

And just in case you were wondering, we made sure Makayla didn't feel left out.

I think she thought she was funny! :)

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