Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Farmer Kreg

That my friends is a sprayer. It's hard to see him but Kreg's in there driving it. I got to ride with him yesterdsay (my first time in the sprayer) and let me say I was very impressed. He drives it with a steering wheel, a joystick, and a GPS system. The corn is pretty tall so its hard to see the rows and he would be completely lost without the GPS system telling him where to go. And you can't exactly drive it slow either because you only want so much roundup per acre so needless to say I was very impressed with my husband's abilities. I would have never been able to drive that thing straight.

The boom is 90 feet across so you have to be pretty good at learning your boundaries so you don't run in to anthing.....i.e. telephone poles, fences, etc...

And while I rode with Kreg, Aiden got to play on the trampoline with Uncle Kyle....I don't think he cared one bit that I was riding and he wasn't.

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