Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend we went down to my parents house to hang out. It was nice and relaxing for me...being that I don't have much energy right now. I spent a little time on both Saturday and Sunday floating in the pool....lovely! So here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Aiden swimming with grandpa in his cool motorized boat.

Aiden's first time eating corn off the cob. And he loved it! It's a good thing because its almost sweet corn season.

For some reason he loves to sit in the refrig. Not sure how this ever started. And he doesn't care whose refrigerator it is...he thinks that little ledge is for sitting. You would think he'd get cold but he cries when I make him get out of the refrigerator.

A little play time with mommy in grandma's Fire Engine Tent.

And a horsey ride from daddy before bed.

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