Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Proposal Day

Tomorrow is my birthday so do you know what that means? Today is proposal day. 3 years ago today Kreg proposed to me! So to commemorate the occasion I am posting a few pictures of the big event.
(A before picture.) We went to the Art Museum and had a fancy dinner at Wolf Gang Pucks and then walked around the gardens.
The Gardens (still before)
Obviously after. I was so excited my right hand is going crazy....thus the bluryness. I was definitely caught off guard.
And one of our engagement pictures our wedding photographer took.


Aunt Barb said...

I thought about that this morning!! Also remembered how Kreg's airconditioning in the car broke that day, his clothes got dirty and he had to come wash his pants at our house before you got home from work so he could take you out!! What a week that was, knowing he was going to propose - and not being able to let on that we knew anything! Whew, I was glad when that was over. And didn't we have fun planning the wedding for the next few months?? Mom

Grandma Barb said...

I thought about that this morning!! I also thought about how Kreg's air conditioning in his car broke that day, and in fixing it he got dirty and had to come here and wash his pants before you got home from work! Then he left so you didn't know he had been here and came back to pick you up!! Whew, that was hard keeping a secret, I was glad when the proposal was over! And then didn't we have fun planning the wedding??? Mom

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Stacey! We will need to talk about pregnancy at some point, or get together. I am definitely paranoid about my first pregnancy but I am getting by.

Gloria said...

Wonderful, God bless you and grant you a save delivery. Nice blog.