Monday, August 4, 2008


Sheeweee I have so much I could update on here. Sorry it has been a while to all you faithful readers. This past week we were in Colorado with Kreg's family. We were a bit crazy...we drove 3 vehicles out to haul all the people and stuff and had 3 babies with us. Ok well it was 2 Toddlers and 1 baby. But to my delightful surprise Aiden did great in the car. I have to admit I pretty much just stuck him in front of a DVD player the entire way out but I didn't care as long as it entertained him for the 21 hours it took to get there (and 21 hours back again). He absolutely loves Baby Einstein so he was quite thrilled with this plan.

This is in Kansas City at the hotel we stayed in. Yes the truck definitely came in handy but no that is not all our stuff! Aiden is keeping guard with his Uncle Kent.

We stayed in an absolutely beautiful cabin near Salina, Co. (west of Colorado Springs). I had never been to this area before but it was really pretty. The first day we took a little hike to a waterfall in which Aiden got all tuckered out and fell asleep on Kreg (very cute picture below).

How Aiden fell asleep in that thing I have no idea but he was totally out. Kreg pretended to keep walking while we took pictures so Aiden wouldn't wake up, wish you all could have seen that!

Then the great flu epidemic began. Yes you read correctly.....Monday night I am awakened in the night by a very sick and upset Aiden. And then I was sick Wednesday and Kreg on Thursday. And Aiden was still having problems on Friday (and the ride home). Kreg and I both agree this was the worst flu we have ever had to endure. And sadly many others came down with it too while we were there. So that definitely put a damper on the week but the family tried hard to stay in high spirits and still enjoy the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately though with it effecting Aiden, Kreg, and me we didn't get to do a lot more while we were out there. I was extra thankful the cabin was so very nice with all the time we spent there. And it was nice to spend time with family and have everyone together, even if it wasn't the best of circumstances.

This picture is a little hard to see. Sorry, I'm not a photographer. I was outside checking out the sunset and thought I'd try to get a picture of the cabin too. But you can see the outline...very picturesque. And to the right is the beautiful sunset I was working so hard to capture.

So I don't have a lot of pictures because who wants to take pictures when you're sick but I will try to get more from my father-in-law. And I am posting the ones I do have.

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