Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well harvest is well underway now and Aiden is in tractor heaven. He LOVES tractors! It was my turn to take dinner to the fields last night and feed the men so Aiden and I went early and fed them so we could take some tractor rides. And just a little bit ago we got back from riding again today. Aiden loves I love it.

Aiden and Kreg riding with Kreg's Uncle Pat in the Combine. Isn't it huge? Even I am amazed.

Away they go! (picking beans)

My beautiful dinner spread. We had hot zesty beef sandwiches, green beans, salad, chips, and cookies off the back of one of the pick-ups.

Today Aiden rode with Kreg's dad in the combine. He LOVED it! He had his very own seat...complete with tray, snacks, and sippy cup. I even heard rumor he fell asleep for a little bit. I think he rode for close to two hours...picking corn. I think the first thing Aiden said to me this morning was "tractor!" yes yes Aiden in a little bit.

And here they are dumping the grain into one of the semi's. Kreg then drove the semi to the grain bins and put the corn in the dryer. I rode along and I was quite impressed with my husband's manly semi driving skills. (Not sure exactly why it has to be dried but it does.)

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