Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Away

This past weekend while Kreg continued to work hard in the fields, Aiden and I each had a little time away. On Friday I took Aiden down to Indy and handed him off to my mom so I could go to Chicago and have fun with my college roommate, Ms. Heather Dunbar. We had a great time catching up and hanging out. Friday night she took me to Naperville (where she works) and we did some shopping, hung out with another college friend (Ms. Gabe Henderson) and ate dinner at a restaurant called Cosi, where we got to roast marsh mellows right at our table. So fun! And since I was "child free" we even lived it up and went to a movie. We saw Get Smart....very funny by the way.

The marsh mellow presentation!

Roasting over the fire....splendid!
Saturday we ventured downtown and shopped most of the day. I had my first fruit drink from Jamba Juice...yum yum yummyy...and was in the biggest Macy's store I have ever seen. We met my brother-in-law, Kent, for dinner at Gino's East (amazing Chicago pizza) and upon much searching ended the night at a unique yogurt shop, in which I can not remember the name (pregnancy brain)....but it was really good and had all kinds of unique toppings. Sorry I did not really take any pictures of Saturday...guess I was having too much fun to remember to do so.

Aiden had a great time with grandma and grandpa. My dad had Aiden all by himself Saturday morning (I'm very proud of him). I talked to dad later that day in which he proceeded to tell me my son is quite a handful and he could get nothing done while he was awake. Oh how this made me smile. I responded with a resounding oh yes, yes he is. I am glad to now have some sympathy from my dad on the matter. haha....of course every moment of getting nothing else done is worth it because I know he will only be little for so long. Mom kindly sent me some pictures of their weekend...looks like he didn't miss me too much.

Just look at that smile.

Torturing his grandpa.

Playing with cousin Luke.

And I am happy to report harvest is continuing to go well. Kreg was happy to call and tell me Saturday night that they had all the beans harvested! hip hip hooray! Just a few more weeks to go. Hopefully the good weather will continue.

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Grandma Barb said...

Did your Dad tell you that Aiden didn't get up until 7:45 and that I came home about 9:30? Somehow his "all morning" wasn't nearly as long as he wants you to think! Gma