Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aiden's 2nd Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a little birthday party for Aiden to celebrate the big 2!Wow....where did the last two years go? His birthday isn't actually until Wednesday (the 7th) but he didn't know that and it was much easier to have a party on a Saturday. I think Aiden's favorite part was just having so much family here. He is quite the social bug. The festivities started around lunch time with a party platter from Subway, followed by presents, and then some yummy homemade sugar cookies (which Kreg even helped me decorate). I really wanted to have a birthday party for Aiden before baby girl arrived so I guess since that has been accomplished she can now come anytime! Although I would prefer she doesn't come Wednesday so they each can have their own special birthday but if she comes, she comes.

Aiden and his cousin Luke. He was soooooo excited that Luke was here to play with him all day.


And finally cookies!! This boy LOVES cookies so I didn't figure a cake was the way to go. Looks like he enjoyed them.

Aiden has made quite a few "big boy" strides in the last month. He no longer has his paci and he is officially in a big boy bed now. He is actually doing really well with it. It's a double bed we put on the floor so he looks so small when we put him to bed. He's been very good about staying in bed too, which I am very much thankful for. He is also starting to tell us when he has a dirty diaper (this includes going to retrieve a clean diaper, laying down without being told to, and then throwing the old diaper away all by himself). I know you may not have cared to know that but its pretty big stuff around here. I think he will be a good big brother, besides being a bit jealous to start with I'm sure.

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