Friday, January 23, 2009

Still Waiting

For all you curious readers there is still no baby. She is officially 3 days overdue. I know its only been 3 days but it seems like its been forever already, especially when I am chasing a 2 year old everyday while carrying around this big baby! Hopefully she will make her appearance soon.


The Kelly's said...

You poor thing! I'm sure you're so ready for that little girl to make an entrance. I hope you have her by Sunday. We're leaving for Florida on Sunday and I want all the details before we leave. I'll pray for a baby to come in the next 48 hours!!

Chris said...

Do you give her pep talks? That was my big thing. I kept talking to Dawson and telling him how great it was out here. Of course, I was induced a week early, so that probably had something to do with it... ;) But by the end of August with 3 kids who love to be outside and big ol' me in my support hose, I was telling him he could come anytime he wanted. I guess you and I should have scheduled another play date! Or maybe we still should, and then she can "ruin" our plans. She probably just wants to make a big entrance. You know Seriously, I'll be praying for you.

The Anderson's said...

I bet you are so ready to meet your little girl! I can't wait to see pictures of her! Good Luck!

Grandma Barb said...

Tell that little stinker that grandma's good and ready to start rocking her (and that I'll buy her a new outfit if she makes it today!)