Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ok I am going to vent and then I'm going to be done. I know yesterday was the 4th of July. I am very thankful our country has an Independence Day. I am grateful beyond words for the men and women that have fought for our country over the many years. I am blessed to have such amazing freedom. And I am glad we celebrate. Lets all celebrate and have cookouts and run around with sparklers and go downtown to watch fireworks. But lets be considerate of others at the same time. I understand that it doesn't get dark until almost 10pm. But fireworks outside MY BEDROOM windows until 12:35AM is unbelievably RUDE! Yes Rude! I went to bed last night at my normal time, 10:30 (after nursing Makayla one last time). My head hit the pillow but I did not get sleep for 2 1/2 hours more because of the insanely loud fireworks our neighbors were setting off in the street right in front of our house. And these weren't just little cracklers. We're talkin jump out of my skin "boom boom boom boom boom." over and over and over again. Oh I was getting so angry.

Many many thoughts were going through my head, some of them I am going to be honest I probably shouldn't share. I am thankful my children slept through it. Although I had determined if those incredibly inconsiderate teenagers (and adults might I add...who should know better than to be setting off FIREWORKS that late into the night) woke up my 2 year old son I was definitely going out there to give them a piece of my mind. I layed there and pleaded with God to send black, angry rain clouds to put out their bombs and fires! I contemplated calling 911. Surely there is a fireworks curfew (sadly I don't believe there is. I asked at church today). And speaking of Church, these people obviously weren't planning to go to church in the morning. They did not have a husband getting up at 5am to go work on the farm before we go to church. They must not have little ones that wear them out each and every day. And they must not have had their alarm set for 6am to spend time with Jesus and get myself and two kiddos dressed and ready to go by 8:45am. No, they are going to sleep in until noon! I told Kreg I wanted to set fireworks off in front of their house at 5am and see how they liked it! (Its a good thing we don't have any fireworks)

What I don't understand is how people could be so inconsiderate. You would think they would have gotten a hint when they were the only people in the neighborhood still setting off fireworks. Oh how I can't wait until we one day can build a house in the country. Awwww the peace and quiet of the country life. Its so delightful! NO neighbors! Oh that sounds nice.

I finally got out of bed, paced around the house at 12:30am (contemplating what to do). Seriously considering going outside to ask them if they were almost done. But I couldn't do it because I know those people need Jesus too and if I went outside my Christian witness would have probably been ruined. I didn't trust my mouth at that point. As you can tell, I like my sleep!

So what did I do? Well there was only one option left. I did what any young Christian mommy would have done in my position, I turned on and off our floodlights about 10 or 15 times in a desperate plee for them to stop with the madness. STOP MAKING WAR OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM! (our bedroom is right off the front of the house) Then I went and got the phone book to find the non emergency police phone number. I memorized it and headed back to the bedroom to get the phone (yes I was just about out of my mind at this point). I looked out the window one last time, for one last hope. And to my dismay it looked as though the hoard of teenagers were going home. And the dad of the house was sweeping up the street! Oh praise the Lord I can sleep at last! I don't know if they ran out of fireworks or saw my plee for help through the floodlights but either way if we are still in this house next 4th of July I'm taking the kids (and Kreg if he doesn't have to work) and leaving town for the weekend!

So let this be a lesson for all of us. Be considerate of others! And don't set off fireworks in front of my house after 10:30pm!!!

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Barb said...

Your dad was just as mad down here in Indy and it was pouring down rain!! Yep, loud fireworks in several of our adjoining neighborhoods well after midnight!! He finally got up and put in some ear plugs!! I have to admit - I didn't hear a thing!! You and your Dad should have talked and vented on the phone together! Mom