Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Birthday!

As promised I have birthday pics to post. I had a great 27th birthday this year. I like to make my birthday last as long as possible and I'd say I did pretty well this year. For starters Kreg took me out last Wednesday (the night before my birthday). We had 2 reasons for celebrating early. The first reason being that we knew Thursday night was going to be busy with packing and cleaning (Kreg went backpacking in Colorado for 4 days with his dad and brothers and I went to my parents house while he was gone...he left last Friday evening). The second reason for our early celebration was that it was 4 years ago that day (June 24th) that we got engaged! So we went back to the Art Museum in Indy and took a picture in the gardens at the very spot where he proposed! Isn't he sweet. And it gets better...for my birthday he bought me a dress to wear and we went to a wonderful Italian restaurant downtown Indy (Mama Rosa's)...yum yum! We topped off the night with a little shopping and ice cream. 5 hours with no kids...need I say, it was a very nice evening! Then on Thursday (my birthday) Kreg and the kids took me out to lunch. In the evening Kreg's brother and parents surprised me with a cheesecake.
The spot where he proposed: 4 years, 2 kids, and a mini van later, here we are!

And my cheesecake the night of my birthday:

But the fun doesn't stop wonderful parents let me celebrate all weekend long. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner (Are you catching on to the idea that I LOVE cheesecake....White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle...makes my mouth water!) and I got to open a present for each day that Kreg was gone! And oh my that was fun! My birthday didn't end until yesterday! I also got to spend the weekend with my college roommate. And there was shopping, pool time, and lots of great talk time involved.

Kreg had the camera while he was gone so I couldn't take any pictures of my weekend. But my mom took a few so as soon as I get those from her I'll post a few more.
Here is the studly backpacker himself:

And a few pics of the terrain:

I'm glad they had fun but I'm even more glad to have Kreg home again!

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Megan said...

Sounds like a great birthday! I too believe in spreading out birthdays as much as possible... which is exactly why I wished you a happy birthday a day late. :) All part of the plan! Have a happy Fourth!