Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kreg!

Yesterday was Kreg's birthday. I know I'm a day late in posting this but that's because there was birthday celebrating to do, no time for posting! So you shall get a post today and topic shall be my wonderful husband.
In honor of Kreg's 27th birthday I will give you 27 things I love about Kreg:

1. He is a godly man and strives to be so. He knows he needs Jesus!
2. He loves me and makes me feel beautiful!
3. He loves his children by not just words, but actions too.
4. He's a hard worker and doesn't complain!
5. He is one fine lookin farmer! :)
6. He keeps me grounded (sometimes I like to dream up in the clouds a little too much)
7. But he still lets me dream. (Currently I am dreaming about running a marathon.)
8. He is such a good daddy. He wrestles around with Aiden and talks sweetly to his little girl.
9. He raves about my cookies and my pie baking skills.
10. He's athletic.
11. He likes to go shopping with me.
12. He's careful and cautious about what we watch on TV.
13. He has a heart for discipleship.
14. He cares about his family and mine.
15. He has a very big heart!
16. He is giving. I often tease him about giving all our money away.
17. It may sound silly, but I love that he loves farming. A husband happy with his work is a very good thing!
18. He kills bugs and spiders for me (when he's home). And listens to me complain when crickets get in our home!
19. He knows how to fly an airplane. He had his license before I got in the way. :)
20. He's silly, yet serious when needed.
21. He likes to vacation at the beach!
22. Did I mention he's good lookin? Oh that's lookin farmer I've ever seen.
23. He respects those in authority over him and is willing to be mentored by men older than himself. He seeks wise counsel.
24. He's fun!
25. He takes things in stride. i.e. I get worked up, he stays calm.
26. He takes pride in his family. Therefore I stand proudly beside him.
27. He loves the kids and I with Christ's love, not just any love.

Happy Birthday Kreg!


Lindsey said...

I just read your Fireworks post and laughed out loud at the floodlights part. I was feeling the exact same way and just waiting for them to wake up Scott. I was SOOO mad and kept telling Jon that I detest the 4th of July. Our neighbors must be taking advantage of the after- holiday clearance sales because they were still letting off fireworks last night! Grrrr... Perhaps we should form a support group. :)

Barb said...

I agree with all of the above, but may I add one? He loves and treats our daughter as we want her to be loved and treated.
Thank you Kreg, you are a wonderful son-in-law!!! Ok I thought of one more......he has done a great job of disciplining and training our grandchildren!!

Kevin and Jessica said...

Looks like you both had great birthdays & are enjoying the summer! Seems like we haven't seen you & the family in ages. I didn't even recognize Aiden in the pool picture. How sad is that?!?! Tell the family 'Hello!' for us. Hope to see you soon.

Andy and Cari said...

nice post...I like Kreg too..Happy B-day!

P.S. Makayla looks like she has a semi-mohawk in the family pic...made me that little girl!