Monday, October 5, 2009

A few family pics

A few weeks ago I had Kreg's parents meet us at our corn field to attempt a few family pics. If the kiddos would have been cooperating I think we would have gotten some great pictures. However, we waited too long and both of them were too close to nap time to be happy for very long. But we tried.
The cool thing is these pictures are taken in front of our very own corn! Its been fun this year to own farm ground. Its definitely given me a much greater interest in corn prices and weather forecasts. Its been an interesting year to be first time farmers, with the wet spring, the cool summer temps, and now the sudden cold fall weather and rain again. Nonetheless, in a couple weeks our corn will be harvested and we are really excited to see how our yield is this year.
So without further ado....our corn field family pics with two tired kiddos:

Hey gimme that corn!

Hmmmm....maybe another pose will work.....

And of course now he smiles...when he is in the picture all by himself.

P.S. Harvest has officially begun. They started last week, but its been a slow start with the sudden cold temps and all the rain.

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Barb said...

So cute. You should start and album of annual "corn field" pictures, how fun that would be in 30 years!! A Salsbery tradition! Mom