Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Serious Bargain!

My mother-in-law is an amazing bargain shopper. She knows how to find the deals. Either that or the deals know how to find her! So today she called and said she found some baby food on sale for $.10 a piece! I said SWEET, how many can you get? So she bought all they had and brought me this wonderful present of baby food this afternoon. I couldn't believe it. Take a look at this picture.

All this for only $1.10!!! That is what you call a bargain!!

In other news baby girl is crawling everywhere!! She is most definitely on the move and LOVES that she can now chase after her big brother. This morning she chased Aiden all over our family room trying to get his combine. Eventually he ended up hiding under the kitchen table so she wouldn't get it! (She hasn't quite figured out how to crawl on the hardwood floor.) Makayla is just a little thing so its sooooo cute to watch her crawl around. Aiden didn't crawl until 10 months so maybe that's why it seems funny to me to watch her crawling around at 8 months.


Barb said...

You were 6 months old so imagine how tiny you looked!! Mom

Megan said...

What a cutie! Love her little striped pants!
I crack up every time Elli crawls away from me... something about that little bottom going as fast as it can go!